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Stay with Cate at her house



IN-HOUSE RETREATS ARE ON HOLD AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT. Please check for a list of the current online groups and satsangs.

Please email Cate at to enquire about a retreat and request a price. Please indicate the dates that you prefer. At this stage I am only taking weekend retreat bookings from  Friday evening to Sunday evening. If you wish to stay longer, please let me know and we can discuss.

A variety of weekend retreats are available from Cates home, in the quiet beachside area of Tootgarook, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Cate has a small 3 bedroom cottage located within a 5 minute walk to a café and quiet beach. Each retreat will be spent with Cate but will include time on your own. Cate's husband Kevin lives with Cate and contributes to the weekend from a clear open mind.

These weekends are a blend of an Airbnb and a spiritual retreat.  You get plenty of one-on-one time with Cate to allow expression, discussion and inquiry to unfold. All weekend retreats commence around Friday night and finish at on Sunday night. If you would like to arrive earlier on Friday or if you would like to stay the rest of the week, please send a request via email.

Weekend Retreats costs include all meals and accommodation. The room includes a queen bed, bedside table, bedside lamp and set of drawers and hanging space for clothes. There is also a library of spiritual books.

Please email for the cost of a weekend retreat. If you feel inspired to offer a further donation, it is greatly appreciated. All meals provided are plant based and if you have any special diet requirements please let me know as I will be prepare all meals.

Please discuss with Cate if you are unable to afford the base cost as something can be worked out. Let love lead the way.

The retreat descriptions below are a template but as we know, once Love leads the way, anything can be inspired and therefore the weekend will unfold naturally and might be quite different to what it was first thought to be. It teaches us to be open and spontaneous to what is actually needed rather than from conditioned thinking. These weekends are for you. Feel into what you feel is needed. Just drop into silence and allow the answer to arise. If you feel that you just want to talk all weekend, and do inquiry -then that’s the answer. If you feel guided to choose the Mystery weekend, let me know and I will feel into guidance. Let the releasing happen. Let the egos false thought system be shown clearly, so that it can be seen as totally false. This allows the perfect innocent Christ Love that is hidden underneath, to arise in the Mind. The TRUTH of who you are.

To come to a retreat means you are asking God to use anything of this world to open your mind to true perception. Miracles are the means. Miracles are shifts of perception from fear to love. This shift is not a small thing. To have your mind shifted from a fear that has held you hostage for 50 years, to full release into LOVE, can change your perception and awaken the mind to Reality. Healing is the result. Healing of the Mind.

I look forward to meeting you and joining in the One Mind of Love that we are. Blessings of Love. Cate

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