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Blade of Grass


Awakening to the love within.

Cate came across the non-duality teachings in  “A Course in Miracles” in a bookshop in 1999. In January 2013, she set an intention to undo all the fear thoughts in her mind so she could experience this Peace of Mind the course offers.

Little did she know, that her mind would go through a massive transformation and that 12 months later she would have a revelation experience and then a further 12 months later, an awakening to this Perfect Love - An amazing experience of being ONE with everything. Nothing outside it. Empty of self. Experiencing the present moment as all that is. And fully in love with all that is. Everything joined. Everything as LOVE. A mind being incredibly QUIET.

And in that instant, all the teachings illuminated as KNOWN.

She realised that the self she thought she was, was not who she was. She was infinite love, infinite joy. She was the trees, the leaves, the grass, the sky, the road, the table. She was not separate from anything and all was joined in a big soup of Love.

Cate realised there was “no me” to awaken. The egoic self, was a figment of imagination, made of thoughts about a self. A self that referenced everything to itself. Without any grievances, beliefs or guilt, that self was totally not real. What was and is real, is the spacious awareness that references nothing back to a separate self. Its free of ideas about everything being “done” to “it”. This free mind sees life as “this” or “it is”. This Mind of freedom, rests in the present moment effortlessly, free of the past. Free of worry about the future. Free of worry about anything.

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You are as God created You.

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