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A Course in Miracles Online Opportunities with Cate

1) Satsang with Cate

Open to everyone. No cost.

Sunday evening for USA/Canadian students.

PDT 5.00pm/MDT 6.00pm/CDT 7.00pm/EDT 8.00pm

Australian Eastern Standard Time 10.00am Monday

2) Speaker Events

Cate is asked frequently to speak at conferences and interviews.

3) Cate's Workshops & Meditations

Cate hosts ACIM workshops and meditations on occasion.

To view Cate's Calendar of Events & get more information, click here.

(If you would like to be updated over email on Cate's events, sign up at the above link at The Happy Learners)


All of the information you need to join is also found under the Facebook private group "Zoom to Miracles with Cate Grieves". Please search for the group and ask to join. We encourage you to join to stay up to date with daylight savings changes and group information. Blessings xo

On this Facebook group, there is also a library of previous recorded online group sessions with many amazing sharings by clear minds and the healing that occurs from joining in this divine love which very gently, helps bring clarity to our conditioned mind. I Bless you, I love you and I honor you.

Love Cate - Big huggies to you. We are in God's big huggie now :)



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