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Sky Full of Light



1. One on One Sessions via Zoom.

Direct, specialised  on-going mentoring for clarifying doubts and confusion, overcoming obstacles, refining your understanding of non-duality and ACIM teachings, exploring greater depths, stablizing and intergrating to allow for a mature flowering of enlightenment.

I am currently not taking on any more students. I am hosting 2 weekly online zoom groups for anyone wanting to join and participate in QandA. The information about these groups are found under the tab online groups.

Group Support

I am one of the facilitators for the  Zoom to Miracles Online Group which helps join like-minds together for the purpose of deepening our understanding of the non-duality teachings of A Course in Miracles. This is a free group but donation via paypal is appreciated. Details can be found under the page "online groups"

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