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Forgiveness of Yourself - Song of Prayer

Transcription of Satsang with Cate Grieves 27FEB2022

Gratitude to Laura S for offering to transcribe some of my talks on YouTube


Welcome to a Course in Miracles Satsang with Cate. We usually talk about a theme in the Course. Today we're going through the Song of Prayer so today we'll be going through the start of the second part of the Song of Prayer which is forgiveness.

But before we do there's been quite a strong message coming through from Jesus to us because at this particular time, in time and space (if someone is listening back to this

recording), different things have happened after this because the illusion of time seems to have lots of stuff going on in it.

Right at this moment there's seemingly a war starting in a part of the world. How do we look upon this? Also it seems that this virus that we're all scared of is finally dropping away and now a war is coming up. And in a land called Australia here there's these floods. A few people have just sort of said, “floods, viruses, wars?” [Laughter] One thing that we can know is that the answer is in the Course in Miracles. The answer is there.

So He (Jesus) has guided me to say something today: you'll believe this course entirely or not at all. Now that's not a threat or anything from Jesus; it just means that we have to be really vigilant that we don't say, “I can apply the course's teachings to everything except this guy that seems to be starting a war.” Really try with all your effort not to get into [the thought] that someone is guilty. Try not to let your mind wander into ideas about the person that seemingly started it, because then you'll have all these other ideas about it like “Oh no, actually it's someone else in the other country who’s doing the attacking.”

It is so easy to let your mind go off into this idea of attack and be caught up for hours, days, weeks or months in this idea, and it's all this “fomo” which is the ego's “fear of missing out.” It is fear that there's some guilty person, and I need to find them. So first of all we think, “Oh, it's this guy over here,” and then “hang on, I've just read this thing and it's this other guy,” and then all of a sudden, “No, it's this group of them…” and then “Oh no, it's the illuminati,” or “it's this something else,” or “it's the aliens!”

What we have to see is that the mind will get pulled around into “somebody is doing something wrong,” so we have to be so careful. We stay out of all story because it's an illusion. An illusion is an illusion is an illusion. A dream is a dream is a dream. The only experience we can have is being in hell or in Heaven. If you think any part of this is real – and you're threatened by it and you're upset by it –you're in hell. We can all know that.

Now the answer that Jesus is offering us in the Course is not always easy to accept. It takes time, for it's like something that brews and marinates in our mind. It exposes us to new ideas, new ways of looking at the world. Eventually, He (Jesus) just comes in and says, “Nothing I see means anything” in the first workbook lesson. This is an illusion, it's a dream, I am not here. I am not a body in a world having this experience. I'm asked to keep denying, denying, denying everything.

Lesson 14 I wrote about in the group last night. Lesson 14 says, “this war is not real because God did not create it.” (ACIM, W-14.4:5) Let's forget about all the other things that we add on for a minute such as how sometimes people will say, “Yes, but, you know, be kind…make sure you're helping others,” and that. Let's just put that aside for now because Jesus doesn't have it in his lesson. He tells us in His Lesson 14 to deny its reality. What is coming forward – rather than that there's a war and I should be scared and what if it comes to my country and what if someone drops a bomb on my city – is to know that this whole world never, ever will work out. We have to accept there's nothing we can do to make a projection projected from guilt and fear work out. We can't make this world better ever. There's no way. That's why Jesus is telling us we have to look at this world differently.

To accept all these teachings as true we can't hold one part of it aside and go on discussing it or thinking about how awful it is to have a war and that all these people are dying. That isn't how He wants us to think about it. The truth is that we are not here. We are not in bodies. We are not in a world. It's a projection. We have to let go of looking and being interested and thinking it's real and come to know ourselves as God created us – formless, infinite, beautiful, Holy Love.

That's the only answer that works to take you out of hell. You can try anything else you like, and you can try it for as long as you like, but you'll never get out of hell that way. It just doesn't work. We've all done it. I've done everything anyone else has done. Nobody's ever said anything to me that I haven't tried because we've all done it. We're all lost in a dark room, stumbling into furniture thinking, “If I could only change the furniture around, I'd be happy.” But He (Jesus) says, “Turn on the light.”

That's what He showed me one day. He said, “When you flip a light switch in a room that's dark, how long does it take for the light to dispel the darkness? An instant.” So, yes, you can play around in the world. You can do what you like. You can talk. You can post.

[Prompted by texting in the chat room]

Just to let everybody know, I don't encourage people writing things throughout the Satsang. It's really to sit back, relax, and listen to the words that are coming through. This is a message coming through me that transformed my mind. Remember a lot of the Course says we will be messengers of God. We're going to open and be messengers of the Truth. So if we want peace –

if we want heaven, which is peace and quiet and infinite love – we want to be back in the place where we never left.

[Returning to the talk]

We really have to apply it [Jesus’s teachings] because there's going to be so much that wants to draw you out into the world. Everyone is going to be talking about how bad this is, how good this is. The distractions that want to take you out are immense, so coming to the quietness within and putting your focus there is just so important if you want to be a Teacher of God, a Teacher of God's Love and peace. We have to extend peace and love to everyone. And how do we do that? We see the world differently. We've had our mind corrected and healed of its misperceptions.

So the two things [seeing differently and extending peace and love to everyone] work together.

How can I extend love and peace and shine the light into others’ minds if I'm still caught up in the belief that something outside me can affect me? Can attack me? That I can attack it?

Wherever we are on our journey with the Course’s teachings, we just work towards that [healed mind]. We give over time for the mind training. We can join together in that, or we can do it mainly on our own.

When I say, “do it on our own,” we're always doing it with Jesus and the Holy Spirit because we're stuck in a thought system that is totally false. The analogy is that it's like a computer with a virus in it, and it's just getting nowhere, doing nothing. There is no end goal of the virus; the virus just keeps you stuck in the virus. We have to let go of the false mind that keeps us looking outside as if it's real.

This world is an illusion, but we are not an illusion. We are the son of God. We are this Holiness. We are this infinite beautiful Love, and we will experience that. So we're not giving up anything. We're giving up what is valueless, what is keeping us asleep in a hell that we

don't need to be in. We are coming to live in the eternal Now of peace and a tranquil mind, knowing that nothing can hurt me because peace comes from knowing that who I am can't be threatened, that what I am can't be threatened, that where I am can't be threatened.

They can drop a bomb on my house and this body can be looked at as not functioning, but who I am never dies. It's not killed. That was the message from Jesus at His crucifixion, coming to remind us all that we are not what we think we are. We are not where we think we are. He's going to show us. He's going to give us experiences.

So if we are all in the one mind, we're not bodies. We're all together in the mind of God as One.

And you will know that. You will have the knowledge because knowledge is the Truth. And when we're in the ego mind, our one task we need to do as a miracle worker is constantly accepting the atonement, accepting a correction, accepting a change of perception. That’s our job. Just “Okay Holy Spirit, this is what I'm upset about today. Go to work. Bring me something to replace it so I can be at peace. I want to see peace instead of this.”

If this world were real and true, we'd be stuck in a nightmare, asleep in a nightmare. There is a way out, and it's not left by death. It's left by undoing the egoic mind. We have to have it undone, dismantled. Like a virus of the computer, each little bit that's been programmed the Holy Spirit wipes away. A little bit by little bit each day he deprograms our mind until the true operating system is there. And it looks upon the devastation and reminds the mind it's not real. People aren't dying as much as it looks like it. It's not bad to deny it.

Honestly, His lesson is that we need to deny it because those people that seemingly died are

not people. There's no life outside Heaven. But there's the mind that comes back over and over, so how we're going to be most helpful is helping others wake up to the truth that they're not bodies and that the mind isn't in the body.

[Cate’s sister arrives and she leaves to let her know she’s doing the group after asking Shannon to start the reading.]


As Cate mentioned, we're reading part two of the Song of Prayer. It’s the forgiveness section if anyone wants to follow along. I'll start with the introduction and then Cate will probably be back.

“Forgiveness offers wings to prayer, to make its rising easy and its progress swift. ²Without its strong support it would be vain to try to rise above prayer’s bottom step, or even to attempt to climb at all. ³Forgiveness is prayer’s ally; sister in the plan for your salvation. ⁴Both must come to hold you up and keep your feet secure; your purpose steadfast and unchangeable. ⁵Behold the greatest help that God ordained to be with you until you reach to Him. ⁶Illusion’s end will come with this. ⁷Unlike the timeless nature of its sister, prayer, forgiveness has an end. ⁸For it becomes unneeded when the rising up is done. ⁹Yet now it has a purpose beyond which you cannot go, nor have you need to go. ¹⁰Accomplish this and you have been redeemed. ¹¹Accomplish this and you have been transformed. ¹²Accomplish this and you will save the world.” (ACIM,

Cate: Did you want to say anything on that, Shannon?

Shannon: This is so beautiful. It's such a beautiful way to describe it. I can't remember where he says it in this section, but he says first forgive, then pray, and then you will awake or be awakened, or something to that effect. I just love how the two go so hand in hand. You forgive, you pray, and then you're healed and that's been my experience anyway. But this is just beautiful.

Cate: Thank you. That was nice to hear.

Yes, the message of this is that forgiveness and prayer go hand in hand. But forgiveness will end, and the only thing that goes on is this prayer. The prayer is the song. He talks the song we're going to be in with God, the song of prayer, the song of love. When we've finished and we're up the ladder, we’ll accomplish things. “Accomplish this and you will save the world.” I always wondered what he meant by that, what does he mean save the world when I'm told there is no world? What he means is that we are to be His helpers, we are to help other minds awaken, to let them rest in our peace, to be open for his words to speak through us in any situation. That’s really our purpose. He means really to help save others from their egoic thoughts, and the miracle is the way that we do that.

The miracle is just God's Love coming through us. We give our body and our life a new purpose to be miracle workers. In other words, the miracle is that natural Love that is extended. When He says, “save the world,” He really means just be his workers. He says He wants our hands, our feet, our words just like I'm doing here.

That's it. And you don't always have to do a Zoom group or anything specific. He will use your abilities. He will use everything that we have to bless. And in the end, we'll all have the same abilities, He says. Everything will be the same. So we're all just walking each other home.

We can't go apart. The reason why we can't go apart from each other is that if I hold one character here guilty, if I project guilt onto one image, I'm not in Heaven. I can't have the peace of God and still be projecting guilt onto any characters. Remember that this world is a dream; it's like a virtual reality game. We have characters in it doing all different things, but nothing happens in a dream. Nothing is happening, nothing's happening now, nothing ever happened.

We can live in peace with that awareness, that nothing is ever going on. This Zoom group never happened in truth, but it is part of awakening, a part of undoing the ego, to help us see that this world was over long ago. It never happened. It was something that happened in an instant that only seems to us to be taking all this time. But now time is used to awaken us. Our mind is asleep in a dream and we're waking up. We're going to have the happy dream.

That's why we have to believe this course entirely or not at all. All these things I'm saying are found in the Course. They've just become alive in me through the awakening process. It felt like all these lessons joined together. It was like illumination that all became the truth in my mind. So now I can like express I through the character of Cate using things about Cate. Cate also is made up. There's never been a Cate, there's not a Cate now. It's just a body moving and words speaking, and your mind is hearing it. When this puppet body dies or gets laid aside, the Cate was never real, because the Cate would have to be a separate individual self to be looked upon. Where there's no separation, there's no individual characters ever.

But while we think we are individuals, we're going into we're asking for the atonement: Please correct my perception. And in the end when all our beliefs and all our ideas about attack and this

world and wars and viruses are all corrected we come to have that illumination.

So this is a section called “forgiveness of yourself,” and when I was reading this this morning I felt a lot of joy because I know when I give my talks, the emphasis of my teaching is that as you see your brother you see yourself. We're always seeing what we think is in our brother but is always in us. That's why it needs to be corrected at the cause in our mind.

This section goes through in detail all about how to forgive. When I was going through my

mind training, He said you're going to heal your mind by how you look at others. That's how you're healed. I think this is actually the first time I've gone through this part. I've read the first little bit of the Song of Prayer, but I don't know that I’ve ever gone through this forgiveness section, or if I have, I have forgotten. It points to this particular way that He showed me.

Part of my journey to awakening or to undoing the egoic mind, was that Jesus came and I worked within visualizations with Him healing me. His love healed me, and as I got into that it was like I could see myself through His mind. Then He was saying, “But you also have to look out at your brothers that way.” We can start to see that there's two parts to healing our mind: 1) to come to see how Jesus looks upon me, and then 2) how I look upon my brother.

So He really trained me, or changed my perception, mainly by those two aspects of the Course. All the metaphysics about looking about the world – that this is a dream – He was really working on that level, and He was giving me all those teachings, too. But this particular teaching – forgiveness of yourself –this is how awakening works.

People have written to me over the years and asked, “How do I forgive myself?” and I say, “By forgiving others.” And this is what He's taking us through in this section.

“No gift of Heaven has been more misunderstood than has forgiveness. ²It has, in fact, become a scourge; a curse where it was meant to bless, a cruel mockery of grace, a parody upon the holy peace of God. ³Yet those who have not yet chosen to begin the steps of prayer cannot but use it thus. ⁴Forgiveness’ kindness is obscure at first, because salvation is not understood, nor truly sought for. ⁵What was meant to heal is used to hurt because forgiveness is not wanted. ⁶Guilt becomes salvation, and the remedy appears to be a terrible alternative to life.” (ACIM, S-2.I.1:1-

Let’s read through this a little more, and I’ll make only a few comments. Thanks, Shannon.


“Forgiveness-to-destroy will therefore suit the purpose of the world far better than its true objective, and the honest means by which this goal is reached. ²Forgiveness-to-destroy will overlook no sin, no crime, no guilt that it can seek and find and “love.” ³Dear to its heart is error, and mistakes loom large and grow and swell within its sight. ⁴It carefully picks out all evil things, and overlooks the loving as a plague; a hateful thing of danger and of death. ⁵Forgiveness-to-destroy is death, and this it sees in all it looks upon and hates. ⁶God’s mercy has become a twisted knife that would destroy the holy Son He loves.” (ACIM, S-2.I.2:1-6)


“Would you forgive yourself for doing this? ²Then learn that God has given you the means by which you can return to Him in peace. ³Do not see error. ⁴Do not make it real. ⁵Select the loving and forgive the sin by choosing in its place the face of Christ. ⁶How otherwise can prayer return to God? ⁷He loves His Son. ⁸Can you remember Him and hate what He created? ⁹You will hate his Father if you hate the Son He loves. ¹⁰For as you see the Son you see yourself, and as you see yourself is God to you.” (ACIM, S-2.I.3:1-10)


“As prayer is always for yourself, so is forgiveness always given you. ²It is impossible to forgive another, for it is only your sins you see in him. ³You want to see them there, and not in you. ⁴That is why forgiveness of another is an illusion. ⁵Yet it is the only happy dream in all the world; the only one that does not lead to death. ⁶Only in someone else can you forgive yourself, for you have called him guilty of your sins, and in him must your innocence now be found. ⁷Who but the sinful need to be forgiven? ⁸And do not ever think you can see sin in anyone except yourself.” (ACIM, S-2.I.4:1-8)


“This is the great deception of the world, and you the great deceiver of yourself. ²It always seems to be another who is evil, and in his sin you are the injured one. ³How could freedom be possible if this were so? ⁴You would be slave to everyone, for what he does entails your fate, your feelings, your despair or hope, your misery or joy. ⁵You have no freedom unless he gives it to you. ⁶And being evil, he can only give of what he is. ⁷You cannot see his sins and not your own. ⁸But you can free him and yourself as well.” (ACIM, S-2.I.5:1-8)


“Forgiveness, truly given, is the way in which your only hope of freedom lies. ²Others will make mistakes and so will you, as long as this illusion of a world appears to be your home. ³Yet God Himself has given all His Sons a remedy for all illusions that they think they see. ⁴Christ’s vision does not use your eyes, but you can look through His and learn to see like Him. ⁵Mistakes are tiny shadows, quickly gone, that for an instant only seem to hide the face of Christ, which still remains unchanged behind them all. ⁶His constancy remains in tranquil silence and in perfect peace. ⁷He does not know of shadows. ⁸His the eyes that look past error to the Christ in you.” (ACIM, S-2.I.6:1-8)


“Ask, then, His help, and ask Him how to learn forgiveness as His vision lets it be. ²You are in need of what He gives, and your salvation rests on learning this of Him. ³Prayer cannot be released to Heaven while forgiveness-to-destroy remains with you. ⁴God’s mercy would remove this withering and poisoned thinking from your holy mind. ⁵Christ has forgiven you, and in His sight the world becomes as holy as Himself. ⁶Who sees no evil in it sees like Him. ⁷For what He has forgiven has not sinned, and guilt can be no more. ⁸Salvation’s plan is made complete, and sanity has come.” (ACIM, S-2.I.7:1-8)


“Forgiveness is the call to sanity, for who but the insane would look on sin when he could see the face of Christ instead? ²This is the choice you make; the simplest one, and yet the only one that you can make. ³God calls on you to save His Son from death by offering Christ’s Love to him. ⁴This is your need, and God holds out this gift to you. ⁵As He would give, so must you give as well. ⁶And thus is prayer restored to formlessness, beyond all limits into timelessness, with nothing of the past to hold it back from reuniting with the ceaseless song that all creation sings unto its God.” (ACIM, S-2.I.8:1-6)


“But to achieve this end you first must learn, before you reach where learning cannot go. ²Forgiveness is the key, but who can use a key when he has lost the door for which the key was made, and where alone it fits? ³Therefore we make distinctions, so that prayer can be released from darkness into light. ⁴Forgiveness’ role must be reversed, and cleansed from evil usages and hateful goals. ⁵Forgiveness-to-destroy must be unveiled in all its treachery, and then let go forever and forever. ⁶There can be no trace of it remaining, if the plan that God established for returning be achieved at last, and learning be complete.” (ACIM, S-2.I.9:1-6)

I will finish this one, Shannon.

“This is the world of opposites. ²And you must choose between them every instant while this world retains reality for you. ³Yet you must learn alternatives for choice, or you will not be able to attain your freedom. ⁴Let it then be clear to you exactly what forgiveness means to you, and learn what it should be to set you free. ⁵The level of your prayer depends on this, for here it waits its freedom to ascend above the world of chaos into peace.” (ACIM, S-2.I.10:1-5)

That’s the end of that section. I felt guided to continue reading as it is like a symphony, building on the ideas and really bringing this beautiful teaching through.

Others will make mistakes and so will you. Yet God has brought the remedy for illusions. He's going to show us that what is Holy and what is beautiful and perfect cannot be made imperfect.

It cannot be subject to attack or dust or rust. Our true abundance is that we are as God created us. I am as God created me.

I'd encourage anyone to read through this again a couple of times before next week to really understand it. The theme of this is – forgiveness of yourself. He's telling us that we use “forgiveness to destroy,” which is this pardoning, this idea that, “Yes, you really did do that you really are evil, but I'm this really wonderful, forgiving person, and I'll try to love you anyway.” That's not what he's asking us to do. He's asking us to see no sin. He says do not see error, do not make it real.

So when there are some politicians, perhaps, or anyone that you're holding in your mind (maybe you've been convinced by the egos all joining in the one tune that there's somebody guilty)—

He's asking us to look at that person(s), that image in our mind, and apply a Christ blessing to him/her/them. He's really telling us that it's so important for us not to hold one character here, not one son of God, apart from God's infinite Love. He's saying that we have to look at everyone the same.

What I really want you all to know to bring this home for everyone is this: How Jesus – the symbol of pure Love that wrote the Course –looks at us heals our mind of its belief

in sin and guilt. Now this belief that we have in sin and guilt – we are constantly projecting it out. We can't help but do that, right? That's what we're doing. It's so horrific –we believe it to be so horrific –that we're constantly projecting. We're not bad or terrible for projecting; it's just that this is what we're doing. We're all coming in, projecting everyone here, projecting onto everyone else.

So the way to heal this belief in guilt and sin we hold that says we've got darkness within us and that we're guilty is for Jesus’s Love to come to us and for Him to heal us of this belief by the way He looks at us. Then, through that experience of His Love for us, He's asking us to look at our brothers. It's like a double way of washing out in our mind.

If you've noticed in the Christ blessings which He tells me how to do in all different ways, we've been bringing Jesus into the blessing. Then we've been blessing our brothers, and we’ve done meditations where they've blessed us. We’ve blessed Jesus and he's blessed us. So these are two ways [receiving and giving blessing] that this teaching works to heal our mind of the belief in guilt. We will stop projecting the guilt by having it healed at its core source in our mind.

It is in the unconscious mind, and it's pushed aside and then projected out. So when we see a character on the screen, we want the characters, we want this thing that we called the world. We want it to be here because we want to be projecting. But it all goes back to this terrible belief system, this fear of God, and the belief in guilt in our mind.

To have a new way, we have to come to heal the problem where it is – in our mind. It's not out there [in others, in the world, etc.], He tells us in this section. The belief in sin is within us. The belief in guilt is within us. We have to take it [what we think we see outside ourselves] back to its cause.

When we're not seeing error in another, this is healing our mind of our own belief in error, which is the source of guilt. We have to look at our brother differently. The whole, big teaching from Jesus to Helen and Bill originally was, “Can you see your brother as sinless?”

So nothing I see means anything. He is pointing us back to the mind, which is putting the meaning on everything. Can you bring the projection back and let Me heal it at its core? That's His message to us. Ask for Me for help to heal your belief, your own private thoughts of belief in sin and guilt. Bring it back to your mind and let Me love you so that it disappears. His Love and the way He looks at us is The Way. Then as we look at our brothers, we transmit that looking through Jesus's mind, through the Christ mind.

Seeing the face of Christ is not with our eyes. It's a way of being, a perception. It's a way of looking, but it's not looking with the eyes. It's an experience in our mind.

What I'm guided to do for the meditation today to really help us focus on these two aspects –

how He sees us and then how He helps us to look at our brother in the same way that He looks at us. He asks us to look at everyone that way. And that is what dissolves the belief in guilt and sin within us. Then we won't see it. We won't be able to see any evil anywhere. You won't be able to see attack because it's all coming from our mind. This is how it gets undone.

So in the premise for the meditation is that He is in charge. I will share little sentences from this section but I want you to sit back or lie down and really just say your own prayer, something along the lines of…

I want my mind healed of its belief in sin and guilt.

I want to be completely at peace.

I want to see the world as you see it.

Come into my mind

I'm opening up to anything.

We're not coming with a way it's going to happen or how it's going to do this. We're just

opening up our mind and saying, “I'm going to use the next period of time. I've got nothing else to do. Just come to me.”

We don't have attachment to an outcome. We just let all thoughts be still. Just say, “I'm here, Lord. I'm open. Come. I've just listened to your teaching. Bring it to life in my mind. Give me the experience of this Yourself. I invite you in, Jesus, to just talk to me. Show me, be with me, in any way you know that would suit me.

During this 15 minutes, I’m just going to read a few words, now and again, to keep you focused inward.

Thank you.

Ask then for My help.

Ask Me how to learn forgiveness and let My vision be with you.

You are in need of what I can give you,

and your salvation, your happiness, rest on learning this of Me.

I have forgiven you, and in my sight, the world becomes as holy as Me.

You can look through My eyes, my mind, and

learn to see the face of Christ.

If you would like to, you could move your meditation into bringing into your mind anyone that you have unforgiveness towards. God calls on you to save his son from death by offering Christ’s love to him. So just think about all the people in your life and just know that God calls on you to save his son. This is saving the world. Saving his son from death, her death, is the belief in guilt. Death is depression and anxiety and feeling fearful. God calls on us to save His son from death by offering Christ's love to Him. See yourself offering Christ’s Love to everyone. We look past her brother's errors. We see only his holiness, his beauty, his perfection, as God created him here. We use the same mind that Jesus had, a Christ mind. We look upon our brother as Christ looks upon us. Upon our brother, He sees no sin. We are to see like He does. He asks us, “Do not see error.”

Thank you

We'll finish off the meditation with a poem from the Gifts of God by Helen Shucman.

Choose once again.

For it is given you

To trail the peace of God across the world

Without exception. Every child receives

The gifts you bring, and men and women turn

To you in thankfulness. With joy are you

Accepted everywhere. For you have come

Only to bring Infinity’s appeal

To those who are as infinite as He.

You come with memory of God in you,

To waken this same memory in those

In whom it seems to sleep. The world would die

Without its saviors. Do not, then, deny

Your proper place. For Christ has called to you

To follow Him, and choose the silent way

That brings you to eternity today.

I hope you had a lovely meditation where you just opened up and had some experience –

even if it was only for an instant that you felt a release from the ramblings of the mind, even if there was just a second or two of some peace.

It’s all working towards that peace of mind that we will have. It's our willingness that's really important, the willingness to just open and say, “Please help me. I'm willing. Help clear my mind. Show me the Truth.”

This Love of Jesus was really healing for my mind. He just radiated this infinite Love where He just saw my beauty, saw my holiness. He saw no sin.

That's what He's saying in this message that we just read. When He looks at us, He sees nothing but perfection and then He instills that through us and asks us to show our brothers this same perfection is in them, so my mind is healed.

I only see the glorious Love of God within you, the perfection, the holiness, the infinite Love that you all are I don't see bodies – they don't register. There are no descriptions about bodies. There's nothing. I see images but they just don't mean anything to my mind. This is where we're getting to. Our mind is being healed so we can have True Vision and experience the world in a different way, as the forgiven world where it's just looked upon from Love as Love. It becomes one, just one beautiful Love.

Thank you and gratitude to you dear reader. I love you, I bless you and I honor you as a holy Child of God. We go together you and I. Much love, love Cate xxx


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